Are you preparing for CMMC Compliance?

The reality is, data breaches in the government sector are all too common, which is why safeguarding sensitive information and CUI data is a major priority and why standards such as NIST 800-171 were created in the first place. CMMC is taking the suggestion from NIST 800-171 and adding to them as well as requiring a third-party assessment.
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Network security is an essential piece of your IT strategy

In recent years, cybercrime, malware, and data breaches have risen exponentially, representing unprecedented security threats to businesses. Network security is critical to managing these threats, and so it's an essential part of any company’s IT strategy.

Why healthcare organizations need a business continuity plan

With business continuity, you have a set of procedures to fall back on to recover data, prevent catastrophic losses, and to keep your clinic or hospital running. In healthcare, where your patients count on your organization to protect their health, and their data, nothing could be more important.

4 cybersecurity tips for government contractors

Government contractors are prime targets for cybercriminals. Make sure you understand your cybersecurity responsibilities and requirements before signing up to work with the government. GSA keenly prioritizes cybersecurity readiness as a vetting criterion for eligible contractors.

5 ways managed IT helps healthcare organizations

From HIPAA to engagement, healthcare IT teams have a lot on their plate. By working with a healthcare IT services provider that understands the challenges the industry is facing today, your organization can offer exceptional patient experiences, remain HIPAA compliant, and keep costs under control.
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Is your IT provider really protecting your data?

Just because you have an IT provider, you shouldn’t assume your business data is always secure. With cloud storage, exponential increases to data generation, and the complexity of preventing human error, real data protection requires a dynamic solution. Find out how to keep your business data and systems secure.

How managed services help government contractors

Managed IT services can help government contractors in various ways, allowing them to protect their information and their business and safeguard their reputation, making operations more effective while offering significant cost savings and flexibility.
HIPAA Cybersecurity

Remaining HIPAA compliant with cybersecurity safeguards

As a healthcare provider or other covered entity under HIPAA, your duty to protect patient information privacy has never been more vital. Ensure you have the most reliable HIPAA software as data security technology fights to catch up with hackers and ransomware.

How a managed service partner makes regulatory compliance simple and reliable

Regulatory compliance is absolutely necessary, but it's constantly changing. Because of this, it isn't unusual to not know where your organization stands. By working with a managed services provider, you can overcome many of the issues associated with it.
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6 strategies to strengthen your cybersecurity posture

Cyberattacks are a constant threat to organizations. Without a strong cybersecurity framework, your business could be at risk. Having a strong cybersecurity posture allows your business to manage and mitigate risks quickly and efficiently. In return, your data and files are better protected from malicious activity.