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About Us

Meet Infinity Technologies.

Our original Executive Team has been around since the foundation of Infinity in 1996. And our Senior Engineering Team have all been with us since 2009. We are based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, along with most of our staff. But we also now have several teammates in various locations across the nation.

Ever since we began serving businesses and organizations in and beyond Virginia, we have aimed to grow and expand our culture into a rewarding place of work.

We take pride in continuing to support local charities and non-profits that empower vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in Virginia.

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Infinity's Core Service Values.


As your single source for all things technology, we are committed and passionate in providing unlimited support and empowerment to equip your business with everything necessary for success in the digital world


Our unwavering commitment is to ensure your team and business achieve uninterrupted continuity, peak productivity, and optimal performance. We do this by maximizing your technology's potential and enabling you to take full advantage of its capabilities.


We take pride in working collaboratively with you to achieve your commercial ambitions. Our timeless IT solutions are tailored to your specific needs and provide well-supported strategies that help overcome obstacles and drive you towards achieving your goals.

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Expertise That Sticks.

Our IT professionals are more than good at their job — they’re here for the long-haul. We have tenured staff that stays with us year over year because they truly value the relationships they form with our clients and the service they provide.

Adding a Human Touch to IT.

At Infinity, we want to be more than a managed service provider for our clients — we want to have a relationship. We aim to be the people you can rely on to handle all the technology struggles facing your business. And the number one way we do that is by having a staff that you can get to know.

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Get Expert Insights on Your IT

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