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Save Money and Enhance The Customer Experience, Using VoIP Technologies

VoIP Systems: A Communications Game Changer

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems enable businesses to conduct calling via the internet and many more devices, enabling a range of integrations and benefits, at a lower cost.

Streamline Customer Support

Transform your customer support operations with VoIP. Setup as many lines and numbers as you need, receive and send calls to any internet-connected device, transcribe voicemails into emails for follow up, and integrate your VoIP system with other apps for seamless communication and sharing of data. 

Handy Automations

Automations that save time and make life easier for your team. Setup an auto-attendant that directs callers to the right people, enable self-service options for callers, automate call recordings, analytics and follow ups, and integrate calls with CRMs to streamline data retrieval and collection. 

Lower Costs, Better Services

Achieve better service at a lower cost. Enjoy lower calling and installation costs, pay less for calling infrastructure, easily scale your setup to your needs, and streamline your networks for calls and data into a simplified yet more powerful system.


VoIP enables cloud-based solutions that enable continued customer service, such as call re-directing and cloud-based hosting that does not rely on local servers and devices. 

Business Phone Systems Services

Partner with Infinity Technologies to leverage the power of VoIP; provide high quality, scalable and efficient services to your clients and customers, all at a lower cost. Here's how we can help your business to realize these benefits.

Technology That Fits Your Needs

We help you to select a phone systems provider that can meet all of your needs and allow a smooth transition from your current system without compromising your processes and needs. To make this happen, we'll survey your security and create a plan to ensure a hassle-free transition.

Training and Support

We'll give your team training so that they can fully use and understand their new VoIP phone system. After this, we can provide ongoing support to help with questions and any issues that arise.


We setup the system from end-to-end across your networks so that they are secure and aligned with your processes. This begins with functionality-testing ahead of a transition to make sure everything works as intended.

Maintenance and Support

We'll be around to offer support, maintenance and monitoring of your new VoIP phone system to keep it running smoothly.

Sophisticated and Flexible Phone Systems for Businesses

Leverage VoIP to lower costs, save time and add extra value to your customer services.

Bring Your Customer Service Channels Together

Bring your phone systems, CRMs and administrative processes closer together so that they work together and integrate seamlessly, saving time and creating efficiencies across your business. Use your VoIP system to call, text and message with your customers seamlessly within a single user-friendly interface.

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VoIP phone systems are simpler to manage and configure. Easily scale your phone system by adding users as you need them, and benefit from lower spending on calling equipment. By integrating your calling channels and devices under one roof, they will be easier to manage and configure. 

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Take Calls From Any Internet-Enabled Device, Anywhere

VoIP allows enhanced and continuous abilities to manage and conduct communications in an agile way. With an internet connection, businesses can receive calls on devices such as computers and mobile phones at the push of a button, as well as direct them to the teams that are best positioned to help. VoIP phone systems can be configured to effectively respond to disruptions to calling infrastructure and networks, and can quickly re-direct calls to enable your customer services to run smoothly.

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Save Time, Not Just Money

Aside from saving on costs, empower your staff by saving time so that they can focus on tasks that move the needle. VoIP software can integrate with other platforms including CRM software to seamlessly share information across a range of channels, whilst bringing information and processes into a single handy interface. Aside from this, micro-processes such as directing calls, prioritizing and responding to voicemails, and logging information can be streamlined using VoIP. 

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Get Expert Insights on Your IT

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