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Alibi Vigilant Video Surveillance Solutions

Alibi Vigilant | Setup & Post-Installation

Video Surveillance

Onsite Consultation

The heart of our service is the onsite consultation. Our experienced security consultants visit your location to conduct a thorough assessment, evaluating your property and  carrying out risk assessments before moving to the installation stage.

Using Alibi Security Products

Our partnership with Alibi Security stands as a testament to this commitment, allowing us to incorporate their advanced security products into our comprehensive security camera offerings.

Project Management & Installation

Based on the initial assessment, we design a security camera system tailored to your specific needs. This involves a detailed technical blueprint that outlines the entire setup, including camera locations, network design, storage requirements, and any necessary integration with existing security systems.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support Packages

Our team conducts regular, proactive maintenance checks on all installed security cameras. This includes physical inspections to ensure cameras are correctly positioned and functioning, as well as software assessments to confirm that your system is running the latest firmware and security patches

Video Surveillance Infinity

Industries Served

For years, Infinity Technologies has provided security system solutions and security system installation services for hundreds of satisfied home and business owners. Our feature-rich security solutions are completely customizable.

Business Security

Business Security

From SMBs to large corporations, we design, install and service full integrated business security solutions that protect your employees, assets and property from theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access.

Home Security

Protect your loved ones and property 24/7 with a fully integrated video security, access control and burglar alarm system.

Retail Security

Protect your retail store with a comprehensive video security system designed to prevent shoplifting, employee theft, and other criminal activity

Education Security

We provide integrated security solutions for school systems to prevent unauthorized access and ensure the safety of students, faculty and visitors.

Healthcare Security

Cutting edge video security and access control systems enable healthcare providers large and small to protect their patients, staff and visitors, and enable more efficient business operations.

Government Security

We work with local, state and federal government agencies to provide comprehensive video security and access control systems that protect key facilities, staff and visitors.

House of Worship Security

We provide comprehensive video security and access control solutions for places of worship, to help protect congregants, clergy and staff members.

Transportation Security

Public and private transit providers face unique security needs. We can design an integrated video security system that protects your riders and minimizes your security exposure.

Financial / Banking Security

Our experienced team can provide a free analysis to pinpoint your unique security needs, and design a customized security solution to protect your employees and business operations.

Alibi Vigilant Resource Library

The video library below will set you up for success and leverage the features, capabilities, and functionality of your Vigilant system.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No Problem! Give us a call and we will be happy to walk through your questions.
You can also check out our page on industries and solutions here!

Our 'How-To' Video Series

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Alibi Vigilant - How-To: NDAA Compliant License Plate Recognition Camera Plug-N-Play Setup

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How-To: Public View Display Security Monitor - Adding Custom Ads and more!

Alibi Vigilant - How-To: NDAA Compliant License Plate Recognition Camera Basic Setup

How-To: Alibi Vigilant Dual Lens Panoramic + PTZ Camera Setup

How To - Connecting to ScreenConnect

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Our Product Videos

Ultra Motion Detection - Advanced AI Analytics from Alibi Security

Security Solutions

We offer a proven security solution that fits your security needs. Our trusted, feature-rich applications enable you to monitor activity around the clock – and provide true peace of mind.

Security Camera Systems

Security Camera Systems

Helping you keep your business, your home and your loved ones safe is something we take to the heart. That’s why we offer innovative video security technologies and security video systems for monitoring your home or business – so you can protect what matters to you most.

Cloud Video Surveillance

Our camera-to-cloud surveillance solution is ideal for small to medium businesses and residential applications in - but can easily support larger camera counts across single or multi-site installations. Cloud surveillance solutions are increasingly considered for convenience, enhanced security, and risk mitigation.

Access Control Solutions

We help you find the perfect access control solution that enables you to control and manage physical access to your business – to protect your property, employees, and your assets. Our door access control equipment eliminates unauthorized access. Our management software provides flexible scalability.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Installing a burglar alarm system comes with many financial benefits – including keeping your most valuable assets safe from theft. Infinity Technologies can design alarm systems that’s right for your location, determine the best locations for your security alarm system, and install and configure everything for you.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms and fire sprinkler systems provide peace-of-mind, knowing that your business, your home, and your property is protected from the unforeseen – including a fire. Our products and services are tailored to meet a wide range of building structures, applications, and markets.

Home Automation Systems

Save time and money - and simplify your life - with cutting edge automation technologies that can transform your property into a state-of-the-art smarthome.

Intercom Systems

Infinity Technologies offers voice, video, and wireless intercom systems that provide enhanced protection at-the-door. Installing home intercom systems allow homeowners to screen visitors.. We also offer great deals on commercial intercom systems for your growing business.

Data and Fiber Systems

By auditing your critical infrastructure and utilizing high-speed connections for your voice and data, video security and point of sale systems, we can help future-proof your business!

System Health Monitoring

Alibi System Health Monitoring is a powerful new service, providing Alibi Witness customers with centralized health monitoring all systems and key components, across single- or multi-site installations.

Call our dedicated Security Specialists now to unlock a world of comprehensive protection!