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Defend What Truly Matters – Upgrade Your Security with Our IP-Based Surveillance Cameras and Access Control Solutions

In these uncertain times, we all need sanctuary spaces that allow us to live and work safely and securely. Whether you’re looking to reinforce the security of your home against intruders, or defend your business against theft or vandalism, a surveillance camera system can give you the monitoring capabilities you need to protect your loved ones, and the assets you’ve worked hard for.

Here at Infinity Technologies our security expertise extends beyond the online realm. We can help you bolster the physical security of your home or business, with our advanced, IP-based surveillance and access control solutions from Alibi Security.

Your surveillance apparatus should act as more than a deterrent. You need to be able to see who’s on your property, what they’re doing, and be empowered to take swift decisive action, from anywhere, at any time. With an IP-based security solution you gain agile remote access capabilities, empowering you with greater visibility and control than ever before. In this blog, we want to explain why upgrading to a modern, IP-based surveillance and access solution is the smart choice for businesses and homes that value uncompromised security. We’ll then explore a few of the features and capabilities that make the solutions from Alibi some of the most impressive on the market.


Analogue vs Digital: The Benefits of IP-based Security Systems

Let’s start by defining what we mean by “analogue” and “digital” in the context of security solutions.

In a traditional security camera setup, you have analogue cameras connected via coaxial cables, typically to a central command room featuring the many screens of a closed-circuit television system (CCTV). This is the setup we bring to mind when we think of workplace security, complete with a dedicated security guard who’s tasked with monitoring the cameras for disreputable activity.

In what you might call a “digital” setup, modern cameras convert video data into digital packets which can then be transmitted over a local network or the internet, using internet protocol (IP). IP Camera systems can either be wired or wireless, providing greater flexibility, and they’re typically far easier to install than the analogue security systems of the past. Here’s a summary of the benefits you can tap into by upgrading to an IP-based surveillance system:


Lower Installation and Scaling Costs

IP-based surveillance systems are infrastructure-lite compared to the analogue systems they replace. Take the cabling involved as a case in point. An analogue surveillance system requires coaxial cables, PTZ control wires, audio wires plus power supplies. An IP-based systems condenses both power and communication down into one, relatively affordable connection: power over ethernet (POE). According to some estimates, the simplified cabling needs of IP-based systems can lower installation costs by 50 to 60%.


Enhanced Image Resolution

We’ve all seen CCTV footage that’s so grainy and indistinct that it’s almost unusable: in fact, it often is. Analogue security cameras have improved, but they remain a long way behind the resolution standards commonly achieved by their IP-based counterparts. With IP, you can expect an average resolution of 2.0MP, compared to just 0.4MP in the average analogue surveillance solution.

The superior image quality afforded by IP allows for more forensic analysis of footage, with the ability to pan and zoom for identification and investigation purposes.


Remote Accessibility

IP-based surveillance systems feature in-built remote access capabilities as standard, allowing you to monitor camera feeds and make changes, from any location provided your device has a reliable data connection. Web portals, and mobile device applications make it quick and easy to keep an eye on your home or business no matter where you are, and the ability to integrate with other technologies enables you to augment the capabilities of your security solution.

Most analogue security systems on the other hand, don’t contain inherent remote access capabilities. Remote viewing can – in some cases – be facilitated, but this often involves challenging workarounds and the introduction of third-party remote access software. Even when remote access is workable in an analogue system, the functionality, video quality, integrations and user interface are likely to prove lacklustre compared to a remote-native IP-based system.


Greater Flexibility

The reduced cabling burden makes IP-based systems far more flexible than their analogue counterparts. IP also facilitates wireless connections, enabling cameras to be located in positions where a fixed cable link wouldn’t be viable.

The greater resolution of IP cameras also allows them to cover a broader area. This translates to achieving the same visibility with fewer cameras, offering additional cost savings when expanding your security system into new zones of your home or business.

The enhanced flexibility provided by IP-based camera systems results in solutions that can be more easily adapted and modified to meet changing security requirements. For instance, if you decide to extend your business premises, an IP-based system will be more amenable to the scaling-up required, while an analogue system could necessitate extensive cabling installations and the addition of new hardware, such as decoders.


Revolutionary Features and Empowering Integrations

The features and integrations facilitated by an IP-based camera system can result in a true, end-to-end security solution that is greater than the sum of its parts.

IP camera systems often feature a range of software-augmented features, designed to aid security detection and footage analysis capabilities. Systems can be calibrated to detect human movements, smoke, fire and other disturbances that might indicate a security threat, and some camera systems even come with in-built temperature sensors. By continuously analysing your environment for anomalies, these software-powered features can alert you to any questionable activity, without the need for a human operative to monitor the system 24/7.

IP surveillance equipment can also seamlessly integrate with other IP-based security infrastructure, such as access control systems and alarms. This empowers you to create a truly unified security setup, where real-time security information gives you the insights you need to manage access remotely and take other measures to proactively defend your premises against intruders.


Safeguard Your Home or Business – Get Cutting-edge, Fully Integrated Surveillance and Access Management from An Industry Leader

Through our partnership with Alibi Security, Infinity Technologies can help you fortify your home or business using cutting-edge security solutions with next-generation capabilities. Maintain observability over every corner of your estate, monitor and control entry and egress remotely, and defend your people and assets with a fully-integrated security solution that you can access from anywhere.

Here are some of the features and capabilities that make Alibi’s Security and Access Control solutions so transformative:

Real-time Alerts Powered by Intelligent Analytics

Alibi’s Vigilant surveillance system can be configured to trigger alerts when potential threat activity is detected. Remain vigilant against trespassers and get informed when someone enters a restricted area. Monitor for suspicious changes to your environment and investigate abnormal activity and the presence of unidentified objects. Get notified when someone tampers with your cameras, and take swift action to neutralize threats. With real-time alerts, you can take full command of your security infrastructure no matter where you’re located.

High-Definition Cameras featuring Advanced Optics

The Alibi Vigilant camera range offers ultra-sharp imagery and recording, with resolutions ranging from 2 to 12 megapixel. For reference, 2 megapixel can provide 1080p image quality, and 4k is delivered at around 8 megapixel. Featuring glass lenses for unrivalled video clarity, and an advanced chipset calibrated to optimize low-light performance, Alibi Vigilant is on the vanguard of surveillance optics to help you focus in on the crucial details.

Get Set Up in Minutes and Monitor Your Estate Remotely Using the Intuitive Mobile App

The Alibi Vigilant mobile app is your window to remotely viewing and managing your surveillance solution. The app syncs with your system’s network video recorder, allowing you to view live feeds, manage, replay and share recordings, and configure notifications and features like motion detection, from anywhere at any time.

With its streamlined, user-friendly design, the app provides rich functionality without introducing needless complication, allowing you to configure your system in as little as 10 minutes. Govern the security of your environment with confidence!

Act Remotely to Defend Your Precious Spaces, With IP-Based Access Controls

Alibi Vigilant gives you eyes on the ground at your home or business, but what if you need to take action to lockdown your space, or micromanage access within it? With IP-based access control from Infinias you can do just that, and getting set up couldn’t be easier. Install door controllers wherever they’re needed, and connect them to the nearest power-over-ethernet switch with a single cable. Combine with powerful access management software that can be accessed via a web browser or your smartphone, and take command of your scalable access control solution remotely.


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