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Case Study – Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic 

We are delighted to present a glowing case study from one of our newer clients, Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic.

The Client

Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic are a healthcare organization based in Fredericksburg, Virginia, who are dedicated to improving the health and wellness of underserved communities by providing healthcare services delivered with respect and dignity. Founded in 1993, their team has since expanded to 560 volunteers who together delivered over 19,000 hours of care in 2018.  Today their mission continues, as they provide accessible and often lifesaving care to those in need across the state.

The Brief

The Lloyd clinic approached Infinity Technologies after an unexpected loss of support from their previous IT partner and the need for an urgent replacement of their entire IT infrastructure. As a healthcare provider, continued access to technology to drive their mission and operations was essential, and so this situation required a fast and skilful response.

Our Approach

We set to work quickly by initially holding consultations about the clinic’s old IT infrastructure, and how we could migrate its data, reproduce it and improve upon the old system in a way that met the needs of the clinic and go beyond them. Karen, who is an Executive Director for the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic, had this to say:

From the moment we engaged with their team, it was evident that their expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction were second to none. Their professionalism and attention to detail set them apart, making us feel confident that we had made the right choice for our IT needs.” – Karen Dulaney, Executive Director

After mapping out the infrastructure, requirements, and how they could be met with a holistic and interconnected IT solution, we then set about implementing the new systems with a focus on streamlining and improving processes that empowered and improved the processes of the Lloyd F. Moss Free clinic.

Throughout the implementation process, the team at Infinity Technologies exhibited outstanding technical proficiency. They seamlessly integrated the latest technologies into our existing infrastructure, optimizing performance and enhancing security. Their comprehensive approach covered every aspect, from network setup and data management to software installation and ongoing maintenance.” – Karen Dulaney, Executive Director

With the new system in place, we were entrusted with providing daily support and with maintaining and enhancing the new IT systems in place for the clinic.  All with an emphasis on reducing downtimes and providing a personable and fast service.

“The support provided by their team has been nothing short of exceptional. Whenever we encountered an issue or had a question, their responsive and knowledgeable staff promptly assisted us, resolving any concerns with efficiency and expertise. Their dedication to resolving problems in a timely manner truly impressed us and minimized any disruptions to our operations.” – Karen Dulaney, Executive Director

We are delighted to continue working with the Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic and are proud to be facilitators that help them to pursue their mission.  

The Benefits

We’re very pleased to have seen and heard from our client about the wonderful benefits that they have realized with the power of technology and dedicated IT support. We think that Karen summed it up best!

Thanks to Infinity Technologies’ services, we have experienced a remarkable improvement in our operations. Their solutions have increased productivity, streamlined processes, and enhanced the overall efficiency of our organization. I can confidently say that partnering with Infinity Technologies has been a game-changer for our organization, enabling us to focus on core tasks while leaving the IT infrastructure in capable hands.”

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