Using managed services for support and security

Each day, every business in America faces increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. However, with the right IT support and managed services provider (MSP), every business can lower its cybersecurity risk. Here’s what you should know about managed security, and why partnering with an MSP is the best way to bolster your cybersecurity and boost your overall business continuity strategy.  

How managed security works

Managed security means outsourcing your cybersecurity needs to an external provider. This provider offers round-the-clock security services, such as: 

  • Network monitoring
  • Vulnerability detection
  • Malicious emails and hacking attempts 
  • Data security 

In other words, managed security is another form of managed services. You can include managed security as part of your overall managed services agreement with your provider. 

Furthermore, since every business is unique, managed security and IT support needs can vary considerably between companies. Luckily managed security options can be customized to suit every IT budget.

How managed services support security

Put simply, managed security services boost your cybersecurity resilience in many ways. Here are three of the most significant. 

Malware and ransomware detection

Malware is the most expensive attack type for small businesses. A managed security service provider can identify these threats and quarantine them before they invade your infrastructure.

Patches and upgrades

With managed services, you’ll have access to the latest patches and upgrades for your IT infrastructure. These upgrades will automatically be installed across your network, protecting your business from new and emerging threats. 

Round-the-clock surveillance 

Your IT support shouldn’t stop, no matter what time it is. From network monitoring to firewalls, a managed security services provider ensures that your network, data, and overall infrastructure is protected, day and night. 

Why you need managed support and security 

The most effective managed services option is a combination of managed support and security. Here are three reasons you need both managed support and managed security. 

Small businesses have unique support needs

SMBs are more vulnerable to hacking attempts, data breaches, and infrastructure failures than ever before. 

Statistics show that as many as three out of four businesses lack the in-house personnel to effectively address a company’s security needs. Worryingly, the same reports show that at least 43 percent of all cyber attacks target small businesses, and this statistic is only set to increase. 

IT failures cost money

Alarmingly, a US-based company can lose up to $3.92 million in costs associated with a cybersecurity breach. For many SMBs, it’s impossible to recover from such steep losses. 

With an MSP, you can reduce the costs associated with downtime and cybersecurity incidents. Including an MSP in your annual IT budget saves you time, money, and resources in the long run. 

Expertise is essential

The reality is that security threats are evolving at an unprecedented rate. An MSP is uniquely placed to help you respond to the latest security challenges because they have the expertise to identify new threats as they arise. 

Don’t make your SMB an easy target – invest in the expertise only an MSP can offer you.

Find the right provider

Comprehensive IT support is essential for any company, whatever niche you’re operating in. Managed security can significantly decrease your cybersecurity risk and create a robust, more efficient IT environment, all within your IT budget. For more details on IT support and managed security services, contact us.