Managed service providers from onboarding to ongoing support

With today’s ever changing IT landscape a managed service provider, like Infinity Technologies, can handle all your IT needs so you can focus on core business functions. But what if you don’t know everything you need help with? We put each of our new clients through an onboarding process that sets up a successful partnership for ongoing future support. Check out our systematic approach and see how it could be a good fit for your business. 

Our approach to bringing you onboard 

First and foremost, our approach is to be organized and proactive. That includes evaluating all of your IT needs before we jump into providing ongoing support. This allows us to make recommendations and move forward knowing all the technology pieces under your roof while maintaining efficiency. 

We call this part a “Network Health Assessment” (NHA). This provides value for the business and also our technicians. During this part of the process, we document potential problems and help businesses better understand an efficient IT infrastructure. That way, we can carefully plan ahead and know exactly which items take priority so nothing is missed as we work together in the future. We clean up any existing problems before anything else. After everything is mapped out and cleaned up, we go live.  

This approach is the opposite of being reactive. Our job isn’t done as soon as we get everything stabilized and running well. Then comes preventive maintenance and monitoring. We want you to feel comfortable that if an IT problem does arise that we will be there quickly and get everything fixed. We’re not just your managed service provider but also your CIO, trusted IT advisor, and partner.

After onboarding

Once we stabilize systems and update any issues, we kick off ongoing IT support. We continue to be proactive and monitor any issues we see that could potentially cause disruption in day to day operations. We’ll also regularly check in with you to make sure your systems are running the way you want them to. 

It’s likely that your technology needs will change from time to time. With recent studies indicating that over 40% of cyber attacks are targeted at SMBs and that those who experience major cyberattacks are generally out of business within six months, a managed service provider is a great alternative for those organizations hoping to cut costs and maintain peace-of-mind. We are constantly learning about new security trends and tactics to keep your business data safe. 

Keeping your devices and security up to date is a way to maintain proactiveness instead of reactiveness. We know the signs to look for when something could potentially become a problem in the future and make the necessary changes ahead of time to prevent unnecessary downtime.  

Partnering with us

At Infinity Technologies, we’re here to advise along the way and be a source of knowledge when it comes to anything IT related. If your business is looking to partner with a proactive managed service provider, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.